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Weisz Has Fattest Labia, GOSSTEPPER Magazine Claims

May 26, 2008

Miss. Weisz relaxes half-naked as she furiously denies having an enormous labia

“Brendan Fraser’s seen it twice, and he says it’s a big labia,” says GOSSTEPPER‘s Editor-In-Chief, Ho Slags, speaking of award-winning actress Rachel Weisz’s labia. “Apparently, each side looks a bit like a fat apple … or something as fat as an apple. Like a pear, maybe? A fat pear?”

But Weisz’s publicist, Morty Mortensensen, denies Fraser and GOSSTEPPER‘s claims.

“Rachel Weisz’s labia is no bigger or smaller than any other celebrity labia. It’s probably the same size as Anna Friel‘s, another English Rose actress with a labia.”

Weisz was unavailable to comment on the claim that she has a grotesquely malformed labia (the vaginal equivalent of hunchbackery), as she is currently busy working with Baz Spazzman on his new film, Whore In New York Git FUNkeeee.