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Beckham ‘Under Knife’ Speculation By Media Flaff-Press Guru

May 26, 2008

Victoria Beckham sports this season\'s new \'Bone Look\' tomorrow

News coming down the tittle-tattle pipe suggests Victoria Beckham has been under the knife again!

Online celebrity jammersite TWAT! believes the emaciated anorexic moron has had a quart of bull’s shit injected directly into her hideous face.

“If you look closely under her chins,” Wanko McTonypandy, TWAT!‘s Flaff Editor told BC&B, “you’ll see a shitline that wasn’t there twenty minutes ago. Flaffmerchants such as me believe this is Victoria’s latest attempt at keeping up with those other bonebags from the Sex & The City movie … THE MOST IMPORTANT TATTLE PICTURE EVER MADE!”