Harry H Corbett Wins The Apprentice

Lee McQueen celebrates his victory with his faarver and his new tart

“Vis is a wonderful wresult for me,” laughed Harry H Corbett, on learning that he has won this year’s The Apprentice. “Finally I can get away from vat zzzirty old man and bwranch aaaht on my own. Vis is ve best day of my ‘ole life!”

Sadly, Corbett’s celebrations were cut short when, on showing his new bird round his swanky London office, he discovered his new boss Sir Alan Sugar having a wash in a tin bath on the office floor, drinking brown ale. When Corbett (56) demanded to know what the hell Sugar thought he was doing, the electronics billionaire replied:

“None o’ your bleeeedin’ business, you dirty great poofter! Oh, don’t leave me ‘Aaaaary, I’ll be lonely on me own!”

Harry’s new girlfriend left swiftly, causing the furious Apprentice winner to throw his hat to the ground in frustration and bite his knuckles whilst going, “Goor-g-g-g-gaaaggghh!”

Then he cleared orrf ahtside to mack aht the ‘orse.

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